Mobile loans (English)

Mobile loans – apply through your mobile

Did you know that you can borrow using your mobile? Use your mobile to apply for a fast loan. You can receive the money in their account within 24 hours if you send an application for a loan.

What you need in order to apply for a mobile loan

  • CPR number – The Danish social security number. If you are a new resident you need to contact the authorities
  • A mobile phone with a subscription to your own name
  • A fixed address (as your National Register)
  • And state whether you are registered in RKI (Danish credit rating agency)
  • Some agencies demand info on your current salary

Once you have applied for the loan through your phone

The credit agency will return with reply through an SMS within 15 minutes after you have submitted the application. Provided you are approved the money is then directly transferred to your account. Before you head out and try to find a mobile loan, it may be a good idea to compare what SMS loans that suits you best. You can, for example apply for SMS loans ranging from anywhere between 500 kr to 5000 kr

The future is mobile – so are loan applications.

As more and more people get the new generations of smart phones, it is also our view that more loans will be conducted through either Internet or GSM network (3G and 4G)- anytime, anywhere.

Compared to before where only credit could be obtained through banks or credit cards, this new technology also induces that mobile and handheld devices are central in the tomorrow loan market – It’s the new world we’re in.

In Denmark several companies offers fast loans, mobile loans and sms loans. Our blog provides you information about companies such as Ferratum, DER Credit, Folkia, mobillån or L’EASY,

Our mission is to offer good cheap mobile loans for everyone – independent from time, provider place and type of mobile.

information on loans with RKI-registration but RKI loans However, as discussed before considering extra careful. You decide what fits for you, you just need to be aware that everything has a price

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